1. How do I request a Greeter?
Please complete our request a greeter form and give us as much information as possible.

2. What happens after I submit my request?
As soon as we receive your request we'll try to match you with an available greeter. We'll then be in touch with you as quickly as possible by email to organise details well in advance of your trip. 

3. How can I change or cancel my request?
Please send an email to hello@viennagreeters.com as soon as possible if you need to change your plans. We'll do our best to accommodate your changes, but we can't make any promises. 

4. What does it cost to meet a Greeter?
All Vienna Greeter walks are completely free and always will be. This is in the spirit of the Global Greeter Network, which we wholeheartedly support. 

5. How can I support Vienna Greeters?
Vienna Greeters is administered as a registered non-profit association in Vienna. If you would like to help us cover our modest costs, please send a secure donation. But again, we stress that all walks are free and you are under no obligation at all to make a donation. 

6. How many people can take part in a Vienna Greeters walk?
Vienna Greeter walks are for small groups of a maximum of six people. They're private walks, so they're not aimed at tour groups. For larger groups we strongly recommend organising a professional tour guide (we are not professional tour guides!). 

7. Can children take part in a Vienna Greeters walk?
But yes, of course. Vienna is a great city for children, and we look forward to exploring some of the hidden corners. One member of the groups must be at least 18 years old.

8. Will my walk take place if the weather is bad?
Oh yes, so bring your umbrella. Whatever the weather, we will greet you and as far as conditions allow, we'll try to show you the best side of our city. But we'll be there at the arranged time. 

9. Who are you? 
We are a small group of volunteers who love Vienna and love the Greeters concept. Some of us have been on walks in other cities, and some have been greeters in other cities. 

10. Are you professional tour guides? 
No, we're not professional tour guides - quite the opposite. Vienna Greeters are private individuals who enjoy showing new friends their city. If you'd prefer an organised tour with an official guide, have a look at the Vienna Tourism website for more details. 

11. Why is it free? 
Vienna Greeters walks are free because our aim is simply to bring people together, get to know new people and show off our beautiful home city. 

12. ¿Se habla español?
¡Si, hablamos español! Por favor envíe su solicitud en esta página.

If we haven’t answered your question, please contact us using the form below, or send an email to hello@viennagreeters.at 

Really really important: Please do not use our email address or the contact form to tell us that you're really sorry, and you've just discovered us, and your trip to Vienna is in less than two weeks and can we please please please find someone for you. We hate to have to disappoint you, but we will ;-) 

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