Impressum and Contact

This website is maintained by the association 

Vienna Greeters - Verein zur Organisation von Stadtspaziergängen
c/o Jonathan Irons
Feldgasse 10/14
1080 Vienna

ZVR-No.: 443 945 367

The aim of the website is to introduce people visiting Vienna to people who live here. 


Get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you. 

If you would like to meet a greeter here in Vienna, please enter your details on our Request a Greeter page. 

Really really important: Please do not use our email address or the contact form to tell us that you're really sorry, and you've just discovered us, and your trip to Vienna is in less than two weeks and can we please please please find someone for you. We hate to have to disappoint you, but we will ;-) 

Para nuestros visitantes españoles

¡Si, hablamos español! Por favor envíe su solicitud en esta página.

Please don't use this box to tell us that you're more than 6 people or that your visit is in less than 2 weeks. Sorry.

You can also reach us directly by email at